Our riding groups & routes


We pride ourselves on the extent of knowledge all members of the ride leading team team have of the Majorcan roads and country lanes. As well as iconic climbs such as Sa Calobra, Puig Major, Col de Soller and other known rides we take you off the beaten track on to some of the best roads that are seldom used or even known by most visitors to the island. Our rides are different each day and you will see from below the variation available across different level groups so you ride with others at your level, we never leave anyone behind and will try to guide you which is the best group for you to join based on your objectives and riding experience.

Recovery is an important aspect of Training. The SunVelo progressive weekly schedule includes a recovery day on Wednesday where riders can either rest, organise their own ride or join a SunVelo led “light” group recovery ride of approx. 40km. As you are welcome to arrive and depart any day you like some find Wednesday a good day to travel at a time when mid week flight prices are less expensive than weekends.

We run a minimum of 4 different level riding groups each day as detailed below. You can chose your group each day and switch throughout the week to get the most out of your time with SunVelo. Our groups start with the low intensity light touring group, in this group we expect you to have a degree of existing cycling competence. As a minimum the ability to comfortably cycle in close proximity to others, be experienced in fundamental techniques of cornering, climbing, descending plus the effective and safe use of brakes and gears. These skills should be in evidence at progressively higher levels in the choice of other riding groups also offered. 

Leisure Touring – Light Green group

  • Easy paced (19kmph to 23kmph)
  • Distance 60 to 90km per day depending on terrain and coffee/lunch stop
  • Minimum fitness – ability to ride 80 minutes without stopping in a group at a relaxed pace, minimum skill requirements as described above

The Leisure Touring Group rides at a more relaxed pace, the wonderful views and excellent coffee stops being more important than a high average speed (average 19 to 23kmph). We find quiet roads with breathtaking scenery, passing through beautiful Mallorcan villages, sometimes riding next to the sea, sometimes into the mountains. We have the time to really appreciate the Mallorcan countryside, to chat and get to know other riders in the group, even the time to stop and take a photograph. Our guided rides vary in length from 60 kms to 90 kms for riders who enjoy getting on their bikes, taking it easy and exploring parts of the island that most tourists never discover. The Touring cycling group is ideal for those that enjoy adventures and using the bike as a means to visit places of interest or if you are new to road cycling and want an introduction to spending the best part of the day on two wheels. Join us, it is always fun. We stop for coffee and cake in the morning, a lunch stop plus sometime an afternoon stop as well on longer rides. Minimum fitness requirement to join this group is to be able to ride for 80 minutes without stopping at an easy pace.

Touring – Green group.

  • Moderate paced (average 21kmph to 24kmph)
  • Distance 80 to 110km per day depending on terrain and coffee/lunch stop
  • Minimum fitness requirement ability to ride 90 minutes without stopping in a group at a moderate steady pace.

Tranquil country lanes leading to beautiful rural villages. From orange groves to vineyards and hidden valleys to mountain top monasteries. Moderate paced (average 21kmph to 24kmph) touring group riding typically covering 80 to 110km per day depending on terrain and coffee/lunch stop options. The SunVelo touring group is the iconic group to cycle in, a degree of on bike fitness is required before you arrive in Majorca, it can be physically challenging and will take on some hill climbs and descents but is primarily about the enjoyment of cycling through the countryside of Majorca.

The group is structured and co-ordinated to ensure efficient cycling with the objective of going to places of interest, all sharing the pace and riding as an organised touring group. Moving in unison to assist each other to get to a place ensures skill development and after your stay, fitness will be developed allowing you to progress onto bigger touring challenges. Days that include rolling roads, hill climbs, orange groves and vineyards, stunning turquoise coves to rocky headlands, Majorca has it all and its waiting for you to see it, smell it and taste it with the touring group.

Sportive Group – Blue group.

  • Moderate paced (average 24kmph to 27kmph)
  • Distance 80 to 110km per day depending on terrain and coffee/lunch stop
  • Minimum fitness requirement – ability to ride 2 hours without stopping in a organised group at a sporting pace.

A regulated even paced riding group (average 24kmph to 27kmph) for those looking to build stamina for sportive events and endurance charity rides, typical ride distances 100 to 120km. Coordinated group riding that is structured to develop fitness and comfort over longer distances. Taking in some of Majorca’s most scenic monastery climbs, mountains and rolling countryside.

Efficiency of cycling is fundamental and so each daily ride will be structured and co-ordinated to gain from the benefits of group riding and shared pace setting, learning the dynamics and protocols of group cycling technique. Skills will be developed to allow close proximity riding in a group with relaxation and comfort. The pace will be regulated and steady so as to develop core strength and permit recovery, each ride thus increasing core conditioning to give a solid foundation of fitness to allow objectives to be comfortably attained.

A social element is fundamental to this mainstream element of cycling and so routes will visit some of Majorca’s most beautiful towns for coffee and lunch whilst also incorporating the varied beautiful countryside and scenic climbs. The benefits gained in the SunVelo Sportive group will positively enhance all your future cycling and make objectives more attainable.

Performance – Yellow group.

  • Fast paced (average 27kmph++)
  • Distance 115 to 145km per day depending on terrain and coffee/lunch stop
  • Minimum fitness requirement – ability to ride a full day at challenging pace as part of an organised team working for each other with potentially only 1 stop.

Fast paced riding (average 27kmph++) developing disciplined and coordinated close group riding skills. Typically 115 to 145km plus days using all the variable terrain types including monastary and mountain climbs that Majorca offers. A structured program that builds strength and speed.

The performance group is orientated toward those riders with sporting aspirations, it is facilitated to be progressive and disciplined developing core cycling fitness and training an already strong endurance base required to join the group. Core conditioning is the physical objective and the benefit of Majorca’s roads ensures this core conditioning will be attained with a speed element that will raise the base riding speed of those within the group.

The group will be structured and co-ordinated to gain positive development from utilising group riding. Skill development using pace line formations, pace judgement and close formation bike handling will make these groups challenging and rewarding with emphasis on the protocol and dynamics of organised cycling.

Using the variety of Majorca’s terrain and road network the progression of the group will introduce various challenges over the duration of your stay to ensure each day is varied and demanding.

If you are a racing cyclist, time trialist, triathlete or perhaps seeking high performances at sportive events, this is the group to consider, the group will be facilitated so as everyone is inclusive and contributing, this is about team riding where everyone has a role to play, the opportunity to be part of a co-ordinated team ride, how the professionals ride, the chance for a fantastic and challenging cycling experience.


Cycling with SunVelo is about a positive experience
It’s about being part of a team – we never leave anyone behind!
It’s about developing the protocols of organised cycling.
It’s about becoming a more efficient and effective cyclist.
A structured and progressive programme for your cycling time.
Challenging, sporting or leisurely and always fun!