Niall (Wicklow, Ireland)

“The day after a hard day can always be tough going. Listening to Jonni’s brief of the ride in the morning, all I could hear was ‘something something HILLS’ and ‘something something CLIMBS’… and only one coffee stop! I thought I was in for a tough day to say the least… As us cyclists know, we tend to get on with it as once the first kilometre rolls-by, the rest seem to tick on one by one as we pass through the changing scenery, chat away and head towards that big cup of coffee… Today was one of those rides for me. Once we headed out of the hotel and up towards the rolling hills and into the quiet country roads, the route exposed some spectacular views of medieval villages perched on hilltops all being surrounded by wine fields and sunflowers (This took away any suffering or struggles that I thought I may have had at the start of the day!). It seemed appropriate to stop every now and again to enjoy the view of which we have climbed to achieve. Lake Geneva, the French Alps and quiet villages… perfect. We would then head towards Jonni’s chosen cafe-stop in a small village of Saint Prix. Heading into the cafe it would have been rude of me not to have stopped for an ice-cream, well… it was a holiday of course! After lots of chit chat, we then headed back towards the hotel, stopping by the lakeside for some photographs and then riding through the farm roads back to a sun lounger with my name on!

What I love about cycling holidays like these is the connection you have with strangers, yet all with a similar mindset and interests… It is not always about riding the bike, it’s the cafe-stops, post ride drinks and evening meals we have our real laughs! This ride in Switzerland was certainly a day I did not expect from the morning briefing, but a day I will have in my mind as another great bike ride exploring new places of the world on two wheels.”

Niall from Wicklow in Ireland booked a SunVelo Summer Cycling Holidays in Switzerland.