Summer Season Switzerland 9th July to 23rd July 2022

Expert Led Road Cycling Holidays & Training Camps In Switzerland

Based at the cycling friendly 4-star Everness Hotel in Chavannes-de-Bogis, just 20 minutes outside Geneva in the stunning ‘Romandie’ region of Switzerland. Our location provides easy access to a wide variety of routes on both sides of the Swiss / French border including iconic climbs, rolling vineyards and flatter lake rides featured in both the Tour of Romandie and Tour de France. Our qualified cycling coaches and experienced ride leaders know intimately this diverse and sometimes challenging terrain, including the best riding roads and country lanes in the region to make the most of your SunVelo swiss cycling experience.

One week of expert led group riding including accommodation, half board, airport transfers and / or car parking (if required) from only £995 per person*.

* Excluding Bike Rental

The scheduled change over day is Saturday where riders can choose a self-guided route, however you are welcome to arrive any day and join our daily group rides.

Switzerland Cycling – Summer Season 2022

9th July to 23rd July

Cycling in Switzerland with SunVelo provides the opportunity to ride in groups led by qualified cycling coaches and experienced group leaders. All SunVelo ride leaders have ‘official body’ ride leader certification and operate under the guidance of multiple Commonwealth Games cycling medallist, former pro road racer and Northern Irish national team manager Alastair Irvine.

  • Planned, organised and structured riding schedule.
  • Perfect mid summer training miles.
  • Switzerland provides the ideal holiday or training camp destination.
  • Social, challenging and always fun!

Our Riding Groups & Routes

  • Cycling through spectacular roads of the Swiss and French countryside, featured on le Tour de France and the Tour de Romandie.
  • Experienced Team Leaders taking you on roads off the beaten track, through quiet country lanes rarely found by most visitors to the region.
  • A varied riding schedule with a mix of iconic mountains and lower rolling terrain, including a recovery day midweek.
  • Ride with others at your level and experience a fun and friendly team environment.

Please view our riding groups below

NOTE – as the terrain in Switzerland can be challenging, we DO NOT offer a low intensity / touring group. As a minimum the ability to ride 80km and climb 1000m comfortably each day is advised, along with confidence and competence in the fundamental techniques of cornering, climbing, descending plus the effective and safe use of brakes and gears.

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Sportive Group

  • Moderate paced (average 24kmph to 27kmph)
  • Distance 80km up to 110km per day (depending on terrain and coffee / lunch stop)
  • Climbing from 750m to 1500m per day
  • Minimum fitness requirement – ability to ride 2 hours without stopping in an organised group at a sporting pace

A regulated even paced riding group (average 24kmph to 27kmph) for those looking to build stamina for sportive events and endurance charity rides, typical ride distances 80km to 110km. Coordinated group riding that is structured to develop fitness and comfort over longer distances. Taking in some of the region’s most scenic climbs, mountains and rolling countryside, along with the opportunity to ride 2/3 of Lake Geneva.

Efficiency of cycling is fundamental and so each daily ride will be structured and co-ordinated to gain from the benefits of group riding and shared pace setting, learning the dynamics and protocols of group cycling technique. Skills will be developed to allow close proximity riding in a group with relaxation and comfort. The pace will be regulated and steady so as to develop core strength and permit recovery, each ride thus increasing core conditioning to give a solid foundation of fitness to allow objectives to be comfortably attained.

A social element is fundamental to this mainstream element of cycling and so routes will visit some of Switzerland (and France’s) most beautiful towns for coffee and lunch whilst also incorporating varied beautiful countryside and scenic climbs. The benefits gained in the SunVelo Sportive group will positively enhance all your future cycling and make objectives more attainable.

  • Sunday’s – Demi Tour du Lac Leman (including boat to / from Evian)
  • Monday’s – Vallee du Jura & Canton de Geneve
  • Tuesday’s – Canton du Vaud & St Cergue
  • Wednesday’s – Recovery Ride
  • Thursdays’ – Col de La Faucille & Col de la Givrine
  • Friday’s – La Cote
  • Saturday’s – Change Over Day / Self-Guided Ride

Performance Group

  • Fast paced (average 27kmph+)
  • Distance from 100km up to 180km per day (depending on terrain and coffee / lunch stop)
  • Climbing from 1000m up to 2500m per day
  • Minimum fitness requirement – ability to ride a full day at challenging pace as part of an organised team working for each other with potentially only 1 stop

Fast paced riding (average 27kmph++) developing disciplined and coordinated close group riding skills. Typically, 100km to 180km days using all the variable terrain types including ‘haute category’ mountain climbs and a full lap of Lake Geneva. A structured program that builds strength and speed.

The performance group is orientated toward those riders with sporting aspirations, it is facilitated to be progressive and disciplined developing core cycling fitness and training an already strong endurance base required to join the group. Core conditioning is the physical objective and the benefit of the regions roads ensures this core conditioning will be attained with a speed element that will raise the base riding speed of those within the group.

The group will be structured and co-ordinated to gain positive development from utilising group riding. Skill development using pace line formations, pace judgement and close formation bike handling will make these groups challenging and rewarding with emphasis on the protocol and dynamics of organised cycling.

Using the variety of Switzerland (and France’s) terrain and road network the progression of the group will introduce various challenges over the duration of your stay to ensure each day is varied and demanding.

If you are a racing cyclist, time trialist, triathlete or perhaps seeking high performances at sportive events, this is the group to consider, the group will be facilitated so as everyone is inclusive and contributing, this is about team riding where everyone has a role to play, the opportunity to be part of a co-ordinated team ride, how the professionals ride, the chance for a fantastic and challenging cycling experience.

  • Sunday’s – Tour du Lac Leman
  • Monday’s – Vallee du Jura & Canton de Geneve
  • Tuesday’s – Canton du Vaud & Col du Marchairuz
  • Wednesday’s – Recovery Ride
  • Thursdays’ – Col de La Faucille / Col de la Givrine / La Barillette
  • Friday’s – La Cote
  • Saturday’s – Change Over Day / Self-Guided Ride

Our Hotel & Location

SunVelo is based at the recently renovated 4 star Everness Hotel, Chavannes-de-Bogis with breathtaking views of Lake Geneva, the Jura and the Alps.

We are delighted to partner with the Everness Hotel in Chavannes-de-Bogis, just 20 minutes outside of Geneva, with breathtaking views of the lake, the Alps and immediate access to small country lanes, flat, rolling and hilly terrain including the Jura mountain range. The indoor and outdoor bar and restaurant is well stocked with fresh local produce including cheese, chocolate and wine, making it a great place to finish rides and socialise in the evenings. Half board accommodation includes a buffet breakfast and evening dinner that cater for all dietary requirements.

While many riders come for a week of group cycling arriving on Saturday and departing the following Saturday, we are pleased to offer the most flexible arrangements. Book for a minimum stay of 4 nights to as long as you like, arriving and departing any day. We believe in total pricing transparency there are no hidden costs or unexpected add-ons, daily guided group cycling is included with half board accommodation.

Everness Hotel & Room Features

  • 4-star resort style hotel
  • 20 minutes outside of Geneva (easy access / short airport transfer)
  • Breathtaking views of Lake Geneva, the Alps and the Jura mountains
  • Includes airport transfers with bike boxes
  • Standard room (15sqm) suitable for SINGLE occupancy (1 person)
  • Superior room (22sqm) suitable for DOUBLE / TWIN occupancy (2 people)
  • Indoor and outdoor bar and restaurant
  • Half board includes buffet breakfast and evening dinner
  • Secure bike storage including tools and pumps
  • Fitness studio and health spa
  • FREE car parking (if required)
  • Short walk to commercial centre (shops / pharmacy / etc)

Room Rates 2022

Prices are per person per week* including half board, airport transfers and / or car parking (if required).

Standard Room (15sqm) per Person Superior Room (22sqm) per Person
SINGLE £1,225 N/A
DOUBLE (2 People) N/A £995
TWIN (2 People) N/A £995

* 1 week = 7 nights (Saturday to Saturday) / alternative arrival and departure days are available upon request


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