A couple on a cycling holiday in Switzerland standing in front of Lake Geneva

Embark on the ultimate summer cycling holiday in Switzerland, where pristine landscapes, fresh mountain air, and serene roads await you. Based in Chavannes-de-Bogis close to the shore of Lake Geneva, the 4 star Everness Hotel stands as your gateway to an unforgettable cycling holiday, combining perfect cycling routes with breathtaking scenery. A Room with a Continue reading Cycling Paradise Unveiled: A Swiss Holiday at Everness Hotel in Chavannes-de-Bogis, Lake Geneva

Cycling in foothill of Spain near Girona

  “Explore Girona on Two Wheels: A Cycling Enthusiast’s Dream Holiday” Girona, nestled in the heart of Catalonia, Spain, is not just a picturesque medieval city with cobblestone streets and historic architecture – it’s also a haven for cycling enthusiasts. The Girona Province has gained international acclaim as a premier destination for cycling holidays, attracting Continue reading Why Girona is so popular with cyclist and cycling holidays

For the love of the bike “The passion was gone and in its place resided equal parts apathetic obligation and archaic monotony. I arrived in Mallorca the same way and with the same aim as I’m sure many couples. This was a rescue mission to salvage my relationship. I was not in love with the Continue reading Matt Axford (California, USA)

“Winter camp has been one of our favourite holidays ever – not just with Sunvelo but out of all our holidays ever! Two rides that are very memorable for me were the ride to Monti-sion monastery and cafe stop at Porreres. This was a beautiful ride stopping at a traditional cafe that had oranges for Continue reading Cerys & Gary (Wessex, England)

“The day after a hard day can always be tough going. Listening to Jonni’s brief of the ride in the morning, all I could hear was ‘something something HILLS’ and ‘something something CLIMBS’… and only one coffee stop! I thought I was in for a tough day to say the least… As us cyclists know, Continue reading Niall (Wicklow, Ireland)

“Monday July 10th, Col de la Colombiere. Load up kit into a van, for a 30 min transfer around Geneva into the French Alps, an industrial estate in Bonneville was the grand Depart. We had a pipe opener before coffee, in an Alpine village cafe, where the owner was from Manchester, so my best pigeon Continue reading Struan (Edinburgh, Scotland)

“February 2019 was my first tour with Sunvelo. Very much the rookie middle aged cyclist who thought the transition from runner to cyclist couldn’t possibly be a problem. The lungs and legs were all good , but bike skills not so much . I had more encounters with tarmac than I would have liked, especially Continue reading Belinda (Hampshire, England)

We are loving the British summer, warm sunny weather just like it will be during our autumn cycling season starting on 16th September. Extend your summer of cycling with a trip with us this autumn